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Peppa Pig Car Cake

Ahem, it’s a little overdue but here is my guide to making a Peppa Pig Car Cake. I made this one using the Little Man’s Peppa Pig Car toy for reference.

peppa pig car cake

I started off with a basic 10 by 12 inch sponge cake which I then shaped into a basic car shape. I also sliced the cake in half and filled with a thin layer of butter cream.

peppa pig car cake

I marked out a square on the top of the cake and hollowed it out to about 1/2 inch.

peppa pig car cake

Next step was to cover entire cake with a layer of butter cream. I then covered the cake with red fondant icing and cut out the middle square.


The middle bit was then covered with a layer of cream coloured fondant icing and I used two strips of fondant to divide the seats and make a back rest. I then made four pig bodies from rolled up fondant. Daddy Pig is green, Mummy Pig is Orange, Peppa Pig is red and George is blue.

peppa pig car cake

you can just see the toy car in the background.

I also made four pig heads out of pig pink fondant icing


Then it was time to add the final details and put it all together

peppa pig car cake peppapig7

I used edible pens for the finer details like the faces on the pigs. I piped the car doors and bonnet with red icing and made the wheels, lights and mirrors out of fondant.

The Little Man was extremely pleased with his cake 🙂


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