Christmas Cake 2013

Sorry I’ve been neglecting my blog. I’ve been making some delicious cakes too. I will catch up and let you know what I’ve been up to. In the meantime, here is a little photo of my Christmas Cake for this year.

christmas cake

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Peppa Pig Car Cake

Ahem, it’s a little overdue but here is my guide to making a Peppa Pig Car Cake. I made this one using the Little Man’s Peppa Pig Car toy for reference.

peppa pig car cake

I started off with a basic 10 by 12 inch sponge cake which I then shaped into a basic car shape. I also sliced the cake in half and filled with a thin layer of butter cream.

peppa pig car cake

I marked out a square on the top of the cake and hollowed it out to about 1/2 inch.

peppa pig car cake

Next step was to cover entire cake with a layer of butter cream. I then covered the cake with red fondant icing and cut out the middle square.


The middle bit was then covered with a layer of cream coloured fondant icing and I used two strips of fondant to divide the seats and make a back rest. I then made four pig bodies from rolled up fondant. Daddy Pig is green, Mummy Pig is Orange, Peppa Pig is red and George is blue.

peppa pig car cake

you can just see the toy car in the background.

I also made four pig heads out of pig pink fondant icing


Then it was time to add the final details and put it all together

peppa pig car cake peppapig7

I used edible pens for the finer details like the faces on the pigs. I piped the car doors and bonnet with red icing and made the wheels, lights and mirrors out of fondant.

The Little Man was extremely pleased with his cake šŸ™‚


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A Little Teaser Post

I have had probably the worst summer ever with my little girl damaging her neck and spending so much time at the hospital. I have fitted in some baking but not enough time to write up the blog posts. You can read about my daughter on my other blog here.

Since my last post I’ve made my little man a Peppa Pig car for his 3rd birthday. For now, here is a photo of the finished cake, I’ll write more about how I made it soon.

peppa pig car cake



I also made a My Little Pony Cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday, I attempted a rainbow cake so I’ve plenty to tell you of how I did that and what I’d do differently next time. In the meantime, here is the finished cake

my little pony cake



I also made an Angel Cake which was so light and fluffy, I’ll share my recipe with you soon, meanwhile here is another photo

angel cake


So bear with me and I’ll be back soon.


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Princess Puzzle Cake

First a little apology. I’ve been baking and making but not posting here. I don’t have my laptop at the moment as it’s being repaired, and guess where I’ve stored most of my photos?

I am here to day though to write about the cake I made for my daughter’s 6th Birthday last week.

We had a Princess Adventure Puzzle Party and I wanted a cake that fitted the theme. My design included both princesses and puzzles and over all I was quite happy with it.

The cake was a basic sponge cakeĀ which I adapted to make a 10 by 12 inch cake. I then cut off the two inches to make it a 10 inch cake and used the surplus to make the tower in the middle. The turrets were made from cake rings topped with Rice Krispie Treats.

I decided to cover the cake with white fondant and then add some colour with the decorations. As I wanted the fondant to stand up from the edge of the cake I first covered the top with a square of fondant, then the sides with a strip. I had to roll the fondant a little thicker than I would usually do.

icingAs you can see, it wasn’t perfectly straight but that was a minor problem.

After icing the main cake I did the same to the smaller cake and put it on top. I then made some icing strips and placed them on both cakes to give a maze effect.



I then made the turrets and covered the top parts in little semi circles of pink fondant. It was a really hot day and I did have a little trouble with the shaping of the Rice Krispie Treats and fondant so they turned out a little wonky, but the kids didn’t mind.




The final fondant decorations I’d made earlier in the week. I added princesses in bright colours, piping on their hair after they’d been added. Then I added doors and jigsaw pieces.




My little Princess and her friends were very happy with the cake.

princess puzzle cake

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Garden Shed Cake

My brother’s birthday fell while we were on holiday and I didn’t think I’d have time to make him a cake before we went away, but I managed to put this one together in just a few hours.

I had already made the figure, who looks just like my brother, and the shed earlier in the week. The figure was made from fondant and the shed from Rice Krispie Cakes covered with chocolate and fondant.


The rickety look of the shed was done on purpose, my brother made his garden shed himself šŸ˜‰

The cake itself was a basic sponge cake, filled and covered with butter cream. Then I covered it in green fondant, it did actually look a little darker than it does in the photo. I then put on the Shed and figure. The outside of the cake I stuck on chocolate fingers using melted chocolate to give a fence look. Finally I added a few details like the potted plants and the grass made from fondant.

Tip for grass: push a piece of fondant through a sieve, cut it off with a knife and hey presto you have Ā a grass patch, or a bush if you use a little more.

garden shed cake

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PS3 Controller Cake

I have a friend who’s birthday is very close to his son’s birthday and they are both PS3 fanatics. I wanted to make them a PS3 cake but to be honest, the system is a little boring to look at and wouldn’t make for an interesting cake at all. Also, it’s all black, definitely not my favourite colour for Ā a cake. So I decided to go for controllers instead. Again they are black but I decided to put them against a white background for more effect.

I made two basic square shaped cakes and used one as the base and the other I cut out the controllers. I used a simple template to do this.

All decorations where made in fondant. I coloured icing to do the little icons but I wish I’d just bought something like writing icing as it was incredibly time consuming.

Anyway, here is the finished result, both boys were very happy.

robs cake 003

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