Princess Puzzle Cake

02 Aug

First a little apology. I’ve been baking and making but not posting here. I don’t have my laptop at the moment as it’s being repaired, and guess where I’ve stored most of my photos?

I am here to day though to write about the cake I made for my daughter’s 6th Birthday last week.

We had a Princess Adventure Puzzle Party and I wanted a cake that fitted the theme. My design included both princesses and puzzles and over all I was quite happy with it.

The cake was a basic sponge cake which I adapted to make a 10 by 12 inch cake. I then cut off the two inches to make it a 10 inch cake and used the surplus to make the tower in the middle. The turrets were made from cake rings topped with Rice Krispie Treats.

I decided to cover the cake with white fondant and then add some colour with the decorations. As I wanted the fondant to stand up from the edge of the cake I first covered the top with a square of fondant, then the sides with a strip. I had to roll the fondant a little thicker than I would usually do.

icingAs you can see, it wasn’t perfectly straight but that was a minor problem.

After icing the main cake I did the same to the smaller cake and put it on top. I then made some icing strips and placed them on both cakes to give a maze effect.



I then made the turrets and covered the top parts in little semi circles of pink fondant. It was a really hot day and I did have a little trouble with the shaping of the Rice Krispie Treats and fondant so they turned out a little wonky, but the kids didn’t mind.




The final fondant decorations I’d made earlier in the week. I added princesses in bright colours, piping on their hair after they’d been added. Then I added doors and jigsaw pieces.




My little Princess and her friends were very happy with the cake.

princess puzzle cake

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