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PS3 Controller Cake

I have a friend who’s birthday is very close to his son’s birthday and they are both PS3 fanatics. I wanted to make them a PS3 cake but to be honest, the system is a little boring to look at and wouldn’t make for an interesting cake at all. Also, it’s all black, definitely not my favourite colour for  a cake. So I decided to go for controllers instead. Again they are black but I decided to put them against a white background for more effect.

I made two basic square shaped cakes and used one as the base and the other I cut out the controllers. I used a simple template to do this.

All decorations where made in fondant. I coloured icing to do the little icons but I wish I’d just bought something like writing icing as it was incredibly time consuming.

Anyway, here is the finished result, both boys were very happy.

robs cake 003

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Posted by on June 28, 2013 in my cakes