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Garden Shed Cake

My brother’s birthday fell while we were on holiday and I didn’t think I’d have time to make him a cake before we went away, but I managed to put this one together in just a few hours.

I had already made the figure, who looks just like my brother, and the shed earlier in the week. The figure was made from fondant and the shed from Rice Krispie Cakes covered with chocolate and fondant.


The rickety look of the shed was done on purpose, my brother made his garden shed himself šŸ˜‰

The cake itself was a basic sponge cake, filled and covered with butter cream. Then I covered it in green fondant, it did actually look a little darker than it does in the photo. I then put on the Shed and figure. The outside of the cake I stuck on chocolate fingers using melted chocolate to give a fence look. Finally I added a few details like the potted plants and the grass made from fondant.

Tip for grass: push a piece of fondant through a sieve, cut it off with a knife and hey presto you have Ā a grass patch, or a bush if you use a little more.

garden shed cake

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