Mother’s Day Cake

11 Mar

I decided to make a cake for my Mother-in-law for Mother’s Day. Last year I made her a giant cupcake which looked lovely, but not one of my favourite’s to make and too fussy and too large for her small family. So this year I made a simple 8″ chocolate cake and decorated in spring colours of mint green and white. I knew I wanted flowers but I was really aiming for simple so I went for daisies.

To make the cake I used a basic chocolate sponge cake recipe:


225g Stork (baking margarine, I find it works nicer than butter)

225g caster sugar

3 medium eggs (if they are too large or too small I will weigh them to make sure I have 180g)

200g self-raising flour.

25g cocoa powder

Butter cream filling and crumb coat:

85g Stork

155g icing sugar

15g cocoa powder


preheat oven to gas mark 5 or 190 degrees.

 cream the Stork and sugar with a wooden spoon.

Then I add the eggs, one at a time and beat them in with my spoon. I find doing it this way the mixture never curdles, but if it does you can always add a little flour.

fold in the flour and cocoa powder. There is often no need to sift flour these days but it’s good too when using cocoa powder as it can sometimes be a bit lumpy.

grease and line an 8″ baking tin

gently pour in cake batter

put tin on a baking tray in centre of oven for around 25 minutes. I always check they are cooked through with a skewer, it should come out clean. 

leave to cool for at least 10 minutes before turning out of the pans.

leave to cool further before cutting the cake in half with a serrated knife.

make the butter cream by using soft stork and sifted icing sugar and cocoa powder.

mix together until soft and smooth. Add a little milk if too stiff.

Fill the middle of the cake, then put a layer of butter cream over the sides and top of cake.


leave the cake in the fridge for at least an hour for butter cream to stiffen.

I used food colouring to colour 200g of fondant icing light green

I rolled out the fondant and used it to completely cover the cake.

For the daisies I used about 100 g of white fondant icing which I rolled out and used a daisy cutter to cut the shapes.

For the writing I used letter cutters on white fondant.

Here is the end result: The photo isn’t too good as I had problems with my camera and had to take this on my phone.

mothers day cake

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