Guitar Cake

25 Feb

It was my other halves birthday and as he is guitar mad he wanted me to make a guitar cake. His favourite guitar is a midnight blue Washburn acoustic guitar so I attempted to make his cake look like this. If I could start again I would have chosen his honey coloured acoustic guitar, I really don’t like working with dark colours.

I decided to make the cake chocolate as it goes down well in our house. It was filled and coated in chocolate butter cream. I bought some black fondant but couldn’t get the right colour blue so I coloured it myself which was a proper pain. Right at the last minute I had a dilemma with the guitar strings. I wish I’d thought of something sooner but had little choice in the end but to use rolled pieces of icing. This was a rubbish idea, they looked rubbish and broke really easy. (Although the kids quite liked eating the icing sticks) I’m not sure even now what would have been a better option, maybe liquorice laces, if you can buy them in the right colour?

The cake was made from a 32cm by 22cm cake tin (12 1/2 inches by 8 3/4 inches). I used a basic chocolate cake recipe. I made the template myself and I think it worked out quite well. Here is the template I used:


After the cake was cooked and cooled I used the template to cut out the basic shape:

guitarcake 001 guitarcake 002

Then I sliced the cake in half and filled with chocolate butter cream. After I put them back together I coated the cake in chocolate butter cream. I think this is when it looked it most delicious.

guitarcake 004 guitarcake 006

Finally I covered the guitar handle in black fondant icing then the body in blue fondant. The decorations where made with various pieces of fondant and as I mentioned earlier, I painstakingly rolled out long strips of fondant for the strings.


I was quite pleased with the overall shape of the guitar but not happy with the colour (although this picture doesn’t show it very well) or the strings. I hope I get the chance to make another guitar cake in different colours and with better strings.

If you would like to see what we got up to on my other halves birthday please visit my family blog.

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