It’s a Kind of Magic!

03 Oct

This cake was a practice cake. I’ve been asked to make a chocolate cake for an event coming up soon and wanting to practice a chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache, iced and decorated. Also, I wanted to practice making cake decorations using rice crispy treats. I didn’t want to make the cake exactly how I will be making the one I’ve been asked to make so I chose a different theme…magic.

First up was the cake. I used my basic cake recipe but substituted 1tbs of flour for cocoa powder. I also used a chocolate buttercream filling which was made by substituting 1tbs of icing sugar for cocoa powder.

Then I covered the cake with a chocolate ganache. I made this using 150g of double cream and 200g of milk chocolate. Plain is usually better but as we were eating this at home and my daughter doesn’t like plain chocolate I chose to use milk. It actually works ok.

To make the ganache I warmed the cream up in a saucepan until it was really hot, then added the chocolate broken into pieces and stirred until it melted. Then I left it to cool for about 20 minutes.

I covered the cake with the ganache and left it to set. It’s best to leave it at least a couple of hours to make the best base for the icing.


I covered the cake and the board with white fondant and left it to set.

I made a table cloth out of red fondant and placed it on the cake before adding the rice crispy rabbit and hat.

I’ve been experimenting with rice crispy treats and I was surprised how easy it is to make. I used a little butter which I melted in a pan, just enough to coat the sides of the pan. I used a low heat as I did not want to burn the butter. I then added the marshmallows, I used a bag of little ones which I’d bought from the market 50p for 500g.

Once I melted the marshmallows (very slowly) I added the rice crispies and stirred. Once cool you can start modelling with them. I did find they stayed supple for quite a while, and when they get hard you can carve them with a knife. It’s best not to put them in the fridge though.

Alternatively, you can buy ready made Rice Crispy Treats and use them 🙂  (it works out cheaper to make your own though, especially if you need a lot.)

I used my rice crispy treats to make a cylinder shape for the hat and covered it with black fondant. I used a circle of black fondant to make the rim, leaving it to harden before placing it on the hat.

The rabbit I made out of fondant and used half a cocktail stick pushed into the ears to make them stand up on the head.


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