Gran Turismo 5 cake

01 Aug

My partner’s brother is always playing Gran Turismo 5 so I chose this as a theme for his birthday cake.

I made  simple racing car from blue fondant starting with a tube like shape bigger at one end than the other. I then flattened the sides. I made a groove along the length of the car at the top and a dip in the middle. Next step was cutting out a strip of blue fondant for the spoiler. I left this to dry out so it would stick on straight.

Using black fondant icing I made four wheels using icing tubes as cutters. The back wheels I made slightly larger than the front. I also left these to dry out.

With a ball of black fondant I made the racing driver helmet the right size to fit in the dip in the car.

Using white fondant icing I made a strip to use as the driver’s visor on his helmet and a stripe to fit in the groove along the top of the car. I also cut out a disk for the car number.

This is what the car looked like when finished:

Racing Car

My next step was to make the logo badge for Gran Turismo 5. I copied the image from the game box. I made a black fondant square and cut out the lettering for the logo from blue and red icing. I used white for the number 5.

The cake was a basic 7inch sponge cake which I filled with buttercream and covered with white fondant. I was really short for time and unable to freeze the cake before shaping, so it did end up a little uneven.

However, the finished cake was happily received by the birthday boy.


Gran Turismo 5 Cake

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