Busy Times Ahead

12 Jul

I have three birthdays within my family coming up in the next five weeks, and I’ve already been asked to make a cake for someone else in-between. Busy time indeed and I’m so looking forward to it.

First up is my daughter’s 5th birthday and she wants an Hello Kitty Cake, I’ve been collecting some ideas on Pinterest and soon I’m going to start making a fondant Hello Kitty to go on the cake.

Next it’s my son’s 2nd birthday. I haven’t really given this much thought just yet as he won’t be having a big party. He loves trains though, so maybe something train related.

Then it’s the cake for a friend and she wants a Facebook Page cake. I’m really excited about this one, I’ve already found a place to get the little photo printed onto icing. You have to have a profile picture on a Facebook page.

Finally, it’s my other daughter’s 7th birthday and she’s having a My Little Pony party. She has asked for a Rainbow Dash cake, so I’ll make her a rainbow cake. I might have to buy a Rainbow Dash figure for the decoration, but we’ll see. I’m still looking for ideas/inspiration on this one.

I’ll be doing cupcakes too. A friend has been making cupcakes that look like ice creams with little flakes in. I really like this idea so I might have to borrow it. Of course I’ll be making Hello Kitty cupcakes too. I did have a go at making cake pops, but found them really hard work and even after three attempts I didn’t get many successful ones, so maybe cakepops are not for me. Shame because they are a great way of using up leftover cake crumbs/pieces.



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